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Traffic and development in Rocklin

The city planning staff and its vendor (FEHR and PEERS) recently presented a number of long range traffic options. The city is acknowledging that they cannot afford to mitigate the impacts that the new development is causing. They have choosen to degrade the standards. Below is an excerpt from Save East Rocklin.

"And as suspected and previously stated, the City appears to be looking at foregoing current General Plan policy which states the City’s goal is to maintain an intersection Level of Service (LOS) of “C”. Grading goes from LOS “A” (best) to LOS “F” (worst). The workshop materials and the discussions that evening centered around changing the City’s General Plan Goals and Policies of maintaining a LOS of at least “C” to now allowing lower levels of service to D, E & F. Reasoning: with all the new development being approved, the City cannot afford to financially “mitigate” or fix the traffic impacts from all this new development – like Sierra College’s extreme high-density project along Rocklin Road and Sierra C. Blvd. The College’s project is the most massive pending project in our area (and Placer County) and will create considerable additional traffic on our roads (Rocklin Rd, SC Blvd. and surface streets like El Don Drive and Southside Ranch Rd.). Waiting on Rocklin Road for 10 minutes to get to I-80 will only get worse.”

The conclusion that the underpass at I-80 on Rocklin Road is the bottleneck for the east side of Rocklin. The Sierra College campus and all the new development will make traffic crawl on Rocklin Road during the class change cycle. The city is giving up, because the mess they have made will be expensive to fix. Great job City Council and Planning Commission.