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Good and Bad politicians

I thought it would be worthwhile to make a list of good and a list of bad politicians. We should all support the good ones and out the bad ones. 


Joe Biden: Joe Biden is a racist. He has supported segregation in speaches and in news stories. He also supported members of the KKK, including Senator Byrd in 2010. Biden has been accused of molesting women and can be seen in videos and pictures inappropriate touching women and children. Biden has become rich while in office and his son has made a fortune on the Biden name in foreign countries. Hunter Biden is currently under investagation for tax fraud and selling access to his father. Finally, Joe Biden is suffering from dementia.

Kamala Harris: Kamala Harris was Willie Brown’s mistress for a decade, while he was her boss (According to Willie Brown himself). She appears to have practiced the oldest trade in human history. She claims to be black (African American), when in fact she is half East Indian. She attempts to culturally appropriate being black, when in fact her father has said her family were slave owners. During the democrat presidental debates, she called Joe Biden a racist. 

Newsom: Newsom is one of the worst people in our state. He screwed his best friend wife, while his friend was managing his campaign. It wasn’t a one time thing. They had a long affair. He lies about what we should do and does not do it himself. From going to restaurants to having his kids in private school, he is a ruler not a man who leads by example. He is a fraud that should be tossed out with the other trash.