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Racism and Race Fascism

Racism and race fascism are very bad and are a destrictive force that prevents our people (Americans) from working together in our Republic. Today we see the left and far left groups like BLM using race baiting and name calling to attack people and groups they do not like. This is sad since the left has been the home of racism since before the Civil War. The left has been the home of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow and the KKK, and economic slavery. Joe Biden has supported segregation in speaches and news stories during his career. He also supported Senator Byrd, the Grand Keagle of the KKK, as late as 2010. All of these are facts and not opinions. 


Let’s look at a bit of the science about races. There are five races of man. These are white, black, asian, american indian and aboriginal. Hispanic is not a race. Hispanic is actually a mix of white andAmerican Indian. 16 percent of people in the United States (which I will call America) identify as hispanic. There are only the 5 races. And hispanic isn’t a race. Hispanics’ are like Hawaiians, Eskimos and Creoles. They are part of other ethnic races. 

In America, our population is 74% white, 12.6% black, 5% asian, 1%American Indian, 8% mixed race and then we have 17% who misidentify as the hispanic race, which is not a race but a mix of white andAmerican Indian. With the advent of DNA testing and results of those tests showing the actual genetic make up of each of us, we can see our real mix of the 5 races. 

My grand father came to America from the Azores (an island that is part of Portugal and off the coast from western Africa). My DNA test showed that I am mostly European ancestry, but also shows one of my great, great, great grand parents was from Gambia/Guinea area on the east coast ofAfrica. So like many people, I am mixed race. 

My point is that most of us are of mixed race. By definition, all of the people who claim to be the hispanic race are actually the hispanic mix of mostly white and with some American Indian, since there is no such thing as the hispanic race. Clearly, people who identify as hispanic are identifying as this mix. Add to them all of the people who do not know they are mixed race and I suspect most American are mixed race. If we as a people can accept that we are mostly mixed race people, we might be able to get past these racial identities that have dominated our race discussions.

In any case, race baiting and name calling are the new racism. And it seems this is coming from the far left, where our history of racism originated. I’m not a turn the other cheek sort of person. I’m more of an old testament sort. I plan to confront both racism and race baiting with equal vigor. I ask everyone else to do the same.