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Local resturant reviews

I have eaten at every restaurant listed below and enjoyed the food. All reviews are my opinion of the restaurant. There a quite a few other places I’ve eaten, but do not recommend. If you have a recomendation, e-mail me and I will give it a try ( I’ll add more as I have time.

Breakfast Places

Granite Rock Grill - My favorite breakfast place in Rocklin. Located at 5140 Pacific St in Rocklin, it has the best diner style breakfast.  They have good service and your coffee cup should never be empty. Their lunch is pretty good as well. This is just a nice place to eat and be comfortable while you enjoy your meal. 5140 Granite Dr. Rocklin,

Barn Burner - Excellent breakfast and lunch. Limited choices, but good food and nice staff. The owners are a nice young couple. 4800 Granite Dr. Rocklin. 

Dive & Diners

Loree’s Little Shack - I enjoy Taco Tuesday at Loree's almost every week. The Shack looks like it came out of 1970. If you want to try a local dive that has been around for a couple decades, try Loree’s. The food is excellent and the bar and resturant space has that warm old school bar feel. Try the tacos or one of the burgers. They are a real deal and excellent. The tacos are the very best I have had in years. Order at least one taco with whatever else you are having and you will regret not ordering 3. The on tap beer choices are great. It even has a couple of pool table. The folks are very friendly and will chat with you at length. 4835 Pacific, Rocklin.

Kiki”s Chicken Place - A junk food bar with lots of sports on TV. Food was good but not very healthy. 5050 Rocklin Rd, Rocklin.

Lunch/Dinner Spots

Mezcalito Oaxacan Cuisine - Good Oaxacan style mexican food. Small and a bit cramped inside, but the food is very tasty. In addition to great food, the staff will accomodate almost anyones food issues. 5065 Pacific St, Rocklin.

Jing Jing - Great Chinese food. Good for lunch or dinner. The hot and sour soup is wonderful and I am a particular fan of the sweat and sour pork. The owner (David) is almost always working and providing great service. 4800 Granite Dr, Rocklin.

In-N-Out Burger - Simply great hamburgers and shakes. I go with the double-double animal style with extra crispy fries and a chocolate shake. 5490 Crossings Dr, Rocklin.

Zest Kitchen - Vegetarian done very well. My wife loves this place. 2620 Sunset Blvd Unit 1, Rocklin.

Round Table Pizza- One of the better Pizza places in the area. Consistent and fast service. 4885 Granite Dr, Rocklin.

Tokyo Dori - Good Japanese food and nice service. I usually have the special and this is a great lunch value. 5050 Rocklin Rd, Rocklin.

Sushi Kakogan - I stopped by for lunch and was impress with the fresh wonderful food. Execellent service and friendly staff. 4820 Granite Drive Suite C-1 

My Thai Kitchen-Located in Roseville - Excellent Thai food with good beer on tap. Be careful with the number of peppers you pick for how hot they make the food.

Fats Roseville- Simply the best high end Chinese food.

NOMA Sushi and Ramen- I’ve enjoyed their California Rolls and Ramen Soup. This is very authentic and tasty. The wait staff is very nice and they do a great job on to go orders. 1240 Sunset Blvd, Unit 100 Rocklin,


Out of Bounds Brewing Company - Simply great beer in a very nice setting. The space is large and clean. I recently tried one of the award winners (Dark Manderin Chocolate) it was amazing. 2168 Sunset Blvd, Rocklin.

Kathrin’s Biergarten - German style beer with german food. Try the Klosch style beer or the flavored girlie beer. 4810 Granite Drive Unit 1A. Try the links and mash as a treat. 

Moksa Brewing- Excellent selection of beers. Always packed with people. 5860 Pacific St, Rocklin.

Monks Cellar - A wide selection of tapist style beers. This is one of my favorite kinds of beer. 240 Vernon St. Roseville.

Not worth the time

  KoJa Kitchen - Interesting concept. The food is OK. I would not waste thecalories and money.

  Adalberto’s Mexican Food - I would not feed my cat their food

  Venita Rhea’s - I don’t know what went wrong here. The food and service were good. That is no longer true.

  Cha-Cha’s Cocina Mexicana - Terrible Service, food was not good and the food was not a value.

Coffee Machines, Coffee Roasters, Barista Accessories

  Vaneli’s Handcrafted Coffee - High End Coffee machines, Roasted Coffees and Barista Supplies.  4125 Delmar Ave, Suite 2, Rocklin, Ca 95677.  866 482-6354 ask for Keith

E-mail to request having your resturant reviewed. After trying out the location, I generally post a review.