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6 Mar 2024 WWW.Rocklin.Com results of the primary election.

President - Donald Trump 

Central Committee - Mike Murray (Do not vote for Dave Buttler for any office.  When he was on the Rocklin City Council he demonstrated his incompetence and lack of fiscal responsibility.)

US Senator (full term) — Steve Garvey. (Do not vote for Adam Schiff.  He used tax payer funds to payoff a young man he molested.)

US Senator (Partial term) - Steve Garvey

US Representative 3rd District - Kevin Kiley (Do not vote for Jessica Morse, she is a bat shit crazy uber liberal.)

State Assembly 5th District - Joe Patterson (Joe has turned out to be a very good representative for our area.  I am very impressed with his transition from City Council member to the Assembly.)

Placer County Supervisor 3rd District - Mike Murray (Do not vote for Dave Buttler for any office.  When he was on the Rocklin City Council he demonstrated his incompetence and lack of fiscal responsibility.). Mike Murray will do a far better job.  

Measure 1 - Vote NO.  Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association recommends a NO vote because of how poorly the state has managed Mental Health and Homelessness.  We do not need for debt.  

California is now providing free healthcare to Illegal Aliens at California tax payer expense. 

What is wrong with our state.  We are now paying more for criminal illegal aliens healthcare in addition to all the other benefits funded by tax payers.  This should be illegal for California Law Makers to give our tax dollars to illegal aliens.  Every illegal alien in our state should be deported to Mexico and jailed if they try to enter our country illegally again.  Our veterans, poor and homeless Californians are suffering because of these illegal.  In addition to the illegal problems, we have DAs and lawmakers decriminalizing actual crime.  Criminals belong in jail.  Let’s prosecute theft, robbery, and assault.  Criminals belong in jail, not released without bail.

People are leaving California in waves as they see out state falling apart with the crazy policies of the Libtard Democrats who run this state.  I think Arizona is looking like a good place to move….

Law Enforcement ignores Hunter Biden’s gun Crimes.

Hunter Biden’s gun crimes - Hunter purchased a pistol and lied on the paper work to purchase the pistol.  His wife found the gun and tossed in in a dumpster behind a store.  Hunter retrieved it later, before it was found by anyone else.  Secret Service agents visited the gun dealer that sold hunter the pistol and tried to take all of the original paper work.  The Store owner would not provide them with the original documents.  He knew the Secret Service had no oversight role in firearms purchases.  The FBI, the local police and the ATF are all aware of hunter’s illegal purchase and the other illegal activities with the firearm Hunter purchase.  None of them have filed charges against Hunter in spite of his blatantly illegal activities.  Charges need to be filed.  There is no justification for not filing charges.  Congress and the IG’s from the responsible departments need to find out why charges have not been filed.

Incompetence and stumbling at Rocklin City Hall

Our elected officials and city staff have moved forward with unwanted traffic circle project. They have failed to ask us do we want them. No we don’t. They are not in the interest of the people who live in Rocklin. It is interesting to watch the self centered council and the dullards in the cities planning move forward with another unwanted project. Our simple minded mayor and the council have failed to ask what we want. These are the same people who bought a golf course, that isn’t a golf course. They built an adventure park that cost twice what theyoriginally promised and is no where near being self funded. There are law suits on its operation and costs yet to be resolved. How was building the adventure park in the interest of our citizens? It wasn’t. What expertise does the city have in operating an adventure park? None. Do the citizens of Rocklin elect the dumbest people on the ballot? Yes. 

On the upcoming agenda is some land acquisition to add a Traffic Circle at Rocklin Road and Pacific. This is another stupid addition to the moronic traffic circles on Rocklin Road. Everyone involved in this decision should be fired, including the entire city council. Traffic circle do not work. Traffic circle are not safe and traffic circles are a waste of tax payers funds. The city has used the argument that it isn’t local money. This is just another specious fraud. All money used by governments is tax payer funds. There is no public benefit in adding traffic circles. The City of Sacramento has had to add stop signs in one direction on most of their traffic circles, because they do not work and are unsafe. This is almost as stupid as the cities rock climing adventure park which was promised to pay for itself 3 years ago and still isn’t even close. It is amazing to watch people with low IQs make stupid decisions after receiving bad advice. 

Rocklin continues to move in the wrong direction. Wasting more money on the adventure park because it is still not self supporting. After promising that the park would be a profit center, our city council found out it would not and will be writing more checks to cover the difference. What could we have improved for the residence of Rocklin with $11 million. This after buying the broken down golf course for $5 million, when it was for sale for $3.2 million a couple years earlier. Great negotiating. The City has no expertise in running a commercial enterprise and has lawsuits open with the original vendor.

Now they are screwing up the traffic patterns in the city by allowing development that overloads our cities streets without the necessary improvements. Our 3rd tier city staff has set us up to fail through the poor performance and lack of fore sight. The staff has blamed the council for policies that the city council adopted at the request of the staff. The lack of skill and experience has created a situation, where they are now creating a community committee to look at traffic. This is another attempt by staff to control the outcome of this silly exercise. It is transparent and will deliver no real solutions except those planned by staff. They will use the committee to justify community support for changes pushed by staff members. If the city council wanted to create a community outreach, they could hire actual experts (Contractors like Psomas) to manage the project and support the community committee. 

Instead, we will end up with friends of the council on a committee managed by city staff.  Another formula for failure.  

Our city is worse because our city adds developments without the mitigation needed to eliminate the impact of developments onthe people who live in Rocklin. The simple fact is that every development should improve our traffic situation with improvements that mitigate the added traffic. This has not been done in any meaningful way. They have allowed new developments to negatively impact our quality of life. The stupid traffic circles are just one example of this buffonery. 

Joe Biden is a Turd. He has a long history or poor judgement. 

Joe Biden is has been a Segragationist, and supported KKK members as late as 2010 (Senator Byrd the Grand Keagle of the KKK). Not to mention his perverted behaviors with children and young women. 

Breaking news:(Oct 14) Biden lacks even a vestage of morals and honor. With todays evidence from the e-mails on Hunter Biden’s laptop, we now know that VP Biden helped Hunter sell the VP’s support to multiple companies. These e-mails make it clear that Biden should his office to get money. This story is being supressed by FB and Twitter. Biden is a criminal. 

Breaking news: (Oct 16) The saga of the Hunter Biden laptop is blowing up. Today the e-mails on the laptop were confirmed by multiple people on the e-mails. They show Hunter and Joe specifically were making illicit money in China and Europe. This is going to get bigger inspite of the Fake News trying to cover for Biden. I look forward to Biden owning his actions. This could be the October surprise. I look forward to President Trump appointing a special prosecuter to investigate this, just like Obama did to him.

Joe Bidenis a senile mean spirited old man who is at least a decade past his prime. He is incapable of lenear thought and picks on women, fat people, minorities and children. He is a very weird man. I am amazed Democrats are willing to support him. He has more in common with Weinstein and back room deals. He was a long time friend and supporter of Robert C Byrd who was both a Democrat Senator and a Grand Wizard of the KKK as late as 2010. 

Here is a link to a video by the media about Joe Biden. It exposes his lies and fakery: