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Rocklin City Council

Current Council -

The entire council owns the following mess(s): The Quarry Park mess will get worse before it gets better. The city did not deliver to the original vendor the project they promised. The vendor seems on a cursory examination to be a low tier vendor. The city took on the role as project manager for something no one in the city had experience building. With this combination of issues, it should not surprise us that the project went over budget, it is not what was originally promised, it was very late and the revenue projections with the new vendor are meager. With Covid those meager projections will likely go unmet. We spent (our city) 13 million and will likely never recover it. A small city owning and operating a small theme park seems like an unnecessary risk without an offsetting benefit. 

The golf course is another 5 plus million purchase that even a moron can see will never pay for itself. They city could have purchased the property for 2.5 million a few years earlier. We are waiting for some kind of plan for this new property. The Oak Tree Mitigation funds were drained to buy this pet project for Gayaldo. 

The staff at the city of rocklin are third tier. The best planners are working in downtown Sacramento or with the big planning firms. The second tier are in the bigger cities the pay better (Roseville, West Sacrmento, Folsom, El Grove) and we get the third tier and compete with Auburn, Loomis, Galt and El Dorado Hills). Our city council should keep this in mind when staff suggests stupid things like traffic circles. 

Ken Broadway. Ken is a middle manager at UPS. The Quarry Park fiasco, the Golf Course and the unchecked developement in East Rocklin without the necessary traffic improvement can be laid at Ken’s feet. He was on the Planning Commision before joining the council. He was also for the stupid traffic circles. He is a disappointment as a council member and is clearly at best a dull normal intellect. My personal experience with Ken showed him to be dishonest and conniving. He is unworthy of our support. 

Greg Janda. The Quarry Park fiasco, the Golf Course and the unchecked developement in East Rocklin without the necessary traffic improvement can be laid at Greg’s feet as well as Ken's. He has demonstrated that he is not fiscally responsible. The Quarry Park mess and the departure of the last city manager, after uncovering the problems with the project are a mixed mess Greg played a role in. He was also for the stupid traffic circles. Greg could be a better representative if he avoided the lemming syndrome. He is not dumb, be he accepts preconceived presentations without questioning the legitamacy of the logic. He goes along with other Council Members when he shouln’t. I think it is his willingness to go along to get along. I would prefer a bit of Sacratic questioning in an effort to get to the truth and make honest decisions. Our council is dumber than the individuals on the council.


Jill Gayaldo. She is not a good person and is mean spirited. She went out of her way, in working with Ken Broadway to give her an advantage when running for the Council. Both are dishonest and not worthy of our trust.I just saw the form 460s showing how much developer money Jill has taken over $17,000 from the developers and related industries. She has sold Rocklin residence out for a bit of silver (Judas Gayaldo). (Jill and Bill terms end in 2022). Jill continues to use the cities electronic e-mails to show her image and advertise for her by doing so. Seems like a FPPC violation to me. 

Bill Halldin’s work as a Trustee on the Sierra College governing board was terrible for our neighborhood. He voted for actions that are going to be bad for my neighborhood. The East Rocklin development plan will not be good for my neighborhood. What’s weird is that Bill lived in the area until recently. He moved to the other side of Rocklin and won’t suffer with the rest of us. All of that being said, he is not dishonest and mean spirited (like Jill & Ken). Bill has taken developer money, just not as much as Gayaldo. (Jill and Bill terms end in 2022)