California Politics


Our governor is a self centered narcissist.  He will not enforce our death penalty laws, even though he said he would when running for office.  He Is giving our tax dollars to illegal aliens for education, healthcare and other services.  This is our tax dollars that should only be used to benefit the citizens of California.  He cannot be trusted in office.  He demonstrated his lack of morals when he had an affair with his best friends (and campaign manager) wife.  If he is willing to do this to his best friend, we do not have much hope that well can trust him in any way.

Recall Governor Newsom….

Homeless California

California has an overwhelming homeless problem because of the liberal policies in our biggest cities.  This is true to anyone, who can see that cities run by Republican/Conservatives does not have homeless people camping out everywhere in the city.  The policies that have lost control of our liberal cities are numerous and unsustainable.  San Francisco, LA and Sacramento are just a few of the cities being overwhelmed by homeless people.  

To understand the problem, one only needs to talk with police officers in the cities to hear the fundamental issues.  The homeless population can be divided into three general groups; 1st are the mentally challenged, 2nd are the economically challenged and 3rd are the people who want to be homeless.  

The people with mental issues are not homogenious and are in very different levels of capacity.  The ability of our police, courts and mental health providers to have the “mentally ill” committed for evaluation and treatment.  These people need treatment and help.  The State needs to pass laws that allow them to be held and treated for their mental illness in state funded care.  This model was the norm for many years, but was reversed and not restored.  We need to have the courage to help people with mental illness.

Our second group are suffering ecconomic hard times.  These people need a safety net and employment assistance.  We know how to do this and can help our fellow citizens who need help.  With our economy in great shape these days, we should be able to help everyone who wants a job.  We need to establish the support they will need to get back on their feet.  This means taking care of their families and housing while they begin the climb back to self-sufficiency.  This support is very important and cannot be done poorly or half assed.

Finally, we have the happily homeless.  This group of folks want to live this lifestyle and are not interested in another path.  We cannot allow them to squat in our public spaces, trash our neighborhoods and misbehave without recourse.  As long as it is easy to squat and take advantage of our cities, they will take advantage of us all.  Allowing this group to ruin our public spaces and poop where they want, we will suffer from their abuse of the rest of us.  These are people who choose to break laws and take advantage of us.  

We should focus on the two groups we can help and deal with the hardcore homeless.  Compassion for the two groups we can help and a firm hand with the hardcore.  These are hard decisions and tasks.   If we care about our cities, we need to make the effort.